copy of Rouge - NOEL - Scented Candle
copy of Rouge - NOEL - Scented Candle

copy of Rouge - NOEL - Scented Candle

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Style, elegance and class to express the particularities of the human being through the Greek myth. Fragrances created by master perfumers reminiscent of high perfumery. Minimal graphics with dark backgrounds and contrasting geometric textures.

Top notes: red fruits, mangoosten, eliotropio, mango, papaya.
Heart notes: rose, jasmine, orchid, raspberry leaves, peach flower.
Bottom notes: coconut, cedar wood, amber, sandal, vegetable moss.


RED FRUIT & MANGOSTEN: Benzile salicilato, esil cinnamale, limonene, 2-(4-tert-Butillbenzil)propionaldeide, Linalile acetato, linalolo.

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Scented Candles composed by coconut wax and essential oils.

Wax weight: 390 gr.
Height: 13 cm
Wicks: 1 in cotton
Duration: +75 hours

- Always burn candles in sight.
- Keep out of the reach of animals and children.
- Always burn the candle away from other flammable objects.
- Maintain a minimum distance of 5 cm between two candles.
- Extinguish the candle in case of continuous smoke or flame flickering.
- To reduce the impurities inside the candle, adjust the wick to a size of 3 mm each time it is used.
- Avoid use in environments with drafts.
- Always turn off after 3 hours of burning.

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