Sentiero Innevato - ARTIKA - Scented...
Sentiero Innevato - ARTIKA - Scented...

Sentiero Innevato - ARTIKA - Scented Candle

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Sentiero Innevato - ARTIKA

Winter landscapes come to life in the fantastic Artika line.
A dedication to the snow, to the winter period with its charactersand characteristic scenarios. Fragrance with fresh, mentholated but also spicy and citrus scents. Graphics with stylized designs and cold-toned colors to match the season.

Top notes: Orange, Smoky.
Heart notes: Spices, Caramel.
Bottom notes: Cedar wood, amber.


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Scented Candles composed by coconut wax and essential oils.

Wax weight: 390 gr.
Height: 13 cm
Wicks: 1 in cotton
Duration: +75 hours

- Always burn candles in sight.
- Keep out of the reach of animals and children.
- Always burn the candle away from other flammable objects.
- Maintain a minimum distance of 5 cm between two candles.
- Extinguish the candle in case of continuous smoke or flame flickering.
- To reduce the impurities inside the candle, adjust the wick to a size of 3 mm each time it is used.
- Avoid use in environments with drafts.
- Always turn off after 3 hours of burning.

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